Hello Blogger Universe!

First blog post ever… this is a weird feeling. Usually I’m talking to my viewers through a video camera not through a keyboard. I look forward to writing this blog as a new adventure, a new beginning, a new… okay, its not as epic as i’m making it out to be. BUT! I hope someday it will be. So, let’s get right into it…

I CANNOT WAIT TO DO THIS TO MY HAIR. This week I have plans to make an appointment at allure salon to have my one-demensional blonde hair transformed into something a little more fun for this summer. (and yes, i have a plan to make a plan. and yes again, that is a reference to “what happens is vegas” thumbs up if you’ve seen that movie, even more props if you like it as much as i do or maybe not props since its trash tv) Even though I am a prep through and through, this hair is ultra worthy. No, not ulta. Even though this hair is totally ulta worthy. If you dont know what ultra is, then i suggest you get yourself some apres ski boots, a metallic bikini and pump up the dubstep because you are missing out! YouTube it right now. NOW. Back to the main point, dip-dyed hair was huge last year and i plan on making it just as huge this year with this little beauty. If you want this hair without the commitment, i would suggest hair chalk! ( you can buy it here! http://www.dickblick.com/products/sennelier-soft-pastels/) Hair chalk is fun temporary hair dye. So all the fun without the commitment! I have totally hair chalked before and I have a few tips!
1. If your blonde, dont wet your hair before. It will make the dye permanent. If you have anything but blonde hair, wet your hair before or else the color wont show!
2. The chalk dust gets EVERYWHERE. Do it somewhere that easy to clean or do it outside!
3. The chalk bleeds into clothes so whatever you do DO NOT WEAR WHITES. Wear a shirt thats close in color to the dye!
4. Twist your hair as you chalk it! Idk why it works but it gets more color into your hair faster.
5. Brushing your hair will get most of the color out!
6. Try something risky! Wear a big ballerina bun or a fishtail braid that day to make the colors look extra whimsical!

p&l, tayler


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