Carolina Cup Blog Series!


The Carolina Cup is an annual horse race in South Carolina that invites all things fratty and sorority. You may say, Tayler, why would you attend such a thing? your not in a sorority? (yes, if i did not inform you im sorry, i dropped zeta tau alpha for many reasons. sororities just arent my thing) Well the answer is in two parts; 1. my boyfriend is the fratiest of all frat boys and invited me & 2. it gives me an excuse to wear things i would never dare to wear otherwise such as lilly pulitzer, tory burch flats and a wide brimmed hat. The idea of college students going to carolina cup is not to watch the horse race but to dress up like and bunch of stepford wives and southern gentlemen, paint fun coolers (which i will post a picture of the day after the race) and get quite inebriated. I have a plan that I will have one blog post leading up to the main event every day until saturday (race day) then a recap with photos on sunday!


Todays post is all about my usual mortal enemy: the Tory Burch flat. I USED to find then ostentatious and just kind of funny looking until I could not think of a better shoe to wear for carolina cup. I bought a pair of beautiful all gold ballet flats and I gotta tell you, they’re growing on me. I wore them the first day I got them and I have never had more blisters in my entire life. These are the single most uncomfortable, flat shoes I have ever worn. Therefore, I have been breaking them in and will continue to for the rest of the week. I have passed over to the dark side. Looking at them on my feet right now, they are the perfect neutral to add a little shine to any outfit. Yes I said it, gold is a neutral. It goes with eveything. In fact, I believe it is the most perfect color out there. I love these flats with my red & white striped sweater from jcrew (old: similar here), my jcrew three inch white chinos ( here ) and of course an arm party. (if you don’t know what an arm party is, visit this blog now!




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