a lilly for your thoughts

the lilly pulitzer company and i have a short history. ive been told before that since my mother never dressed me in lilly for easter, i never had a childhood. and up until i got to college last august, i had never even heard of lilly. WHAT? YOUVE NEVER HEARD OF LILLY. yeah, alright im sorry my mom wasnt into dressing me 200$ clothes when i was seven. (wow, that sounded a little harsh. no offense to people who do dress theyre seven year olds in lilly. i probably will someday) BUT you can imagine my surprise when i got to school early for rush week that 99.9% of all the girls here were wearing lilly. (yes, i am the .1%) i thought it was cute but just not my style. and much of it still isnt but it was love at first sight with this dress… the Lilly Pulitzer Cotton Aleesa Dress.

the shape, the pattern, the fit, the length, the back, the EVERYTHING. this dress is perfect. its retro, but modern at the same time. its girly but without the frills and bows. as you already know if you’ve read my last few blog posts, im wearing it with gold tory burch flats, a pearl necklace, and a wide-brimmed hat. some retro make-up and hair styling will do wonders for the look as well. at around $188 depending on where you buy it (here), you can wear this dress to any semi-formal, day event. its not just for cup 😉




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