i can hear birds chirping outside my window

ITS SPRING. Not only is spring the absolute best time of year in the south (nights at the beach, tanning in marion square, long bike rides) but it also is my favorite time of year for fashion! Sure fall is great but you can’t wear PASTELS in fall. duh. below are a few examples of my favorite pastel styles to make you look like an easter egg (in a good way)


There are four essential ways to wear pastels. a) pair your pastel with another pastel! this look is the most daring of the three but always turns heads. pair your ensemble with a neutral shoe and a subtle bag to let the colors speak for themselves. b) pair your pastel piece with a neutral background, patterned shirt. this plays down the intensity of the pastel color but still shows a little attitude. c) pick up a white blouse or pair of jeans! white goes with everything, and this is no exception. d) chambray or jeans are always a safe bet when it comes to bright colors. you could even pair your statement piece with a blazer to tone it down a little.




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