To Tan or Not To Tan

That is the question. With a new reports on skin cancer risks because of not only booths, but being outside in general popping up almost daily  i wanna know… do y’all tan or go au-natural? personally, i tan my butt off. and fake tan my butt off. But i only lay outside, im afraid of the whole tanning bed thing because of one of the final destination movies. also because my family has such a long history of skin cancer and melanoma i have to be really careful about spending too much time in the sun. (plus i so DONT want to look 50 when im 30) be careful out there readers! the sun isn’t something to play with. so leave a comment below whether you tan, inside or outside, or fake tan or whatever.And I also want to know, since I’m wearing a gorgeous light pink dress to formal, should i start tanning?

think this is glamorous?

what about this?



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