the perfect pony

have you ever had one of those days where your just unmotivated to do anything with that tangled mess on top of your head that you call hair? of course. everybody has. whats the basic solution? a pony tail. now most pony tails end up looking like someone greased your hair back and teased the rest of the hair (ew.) but have no fear! i have a few tips to help you achieve your best pony tail ever!

1. Have your hair completely combed through, that means no knots!

2. Spray your hair with a little bit of salt water (1.5 cups water + 3 tbls of salt)

3. Blow dry the damp hair in the direction the hair will fall. (probably back, towards the back of your head)

4. Brush your hair back into your hand so its nice & smooth.

5. Choose where you want the “knot” to be. Somewhere between the crown and the occipital bone.

6. Grab a pony tail holder, and two bobby pins. Latch the bobby pins onto the pony tail holder.

7. Insert one of the bobby pins that is attached to the pony tail holder right where you want the “knot” to be. (this is done while you already have your hair gathered)

8. Take the pony tail holder and fold it in half. (So it doesn’t look like an O it looks like II) Wrap the pony tail holder around the gathered hair twice. Secure it with the other attached bobby pin.

9. Take a piece from the bottom of your pony tail, after its secured and stands on its own, and wrap that piece of hair around your pony tail holder to conceal it. Secure the end of the piece of wrapped hair with a bobby pin.

And voila! You have the perfect pony tail!

(the end result should look something like one of these! whether you like messy or sleek.)




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