oh so sparkly

so what happens when you combine what is known as normally an older gentleman’s shoe with mardi gras? the answer is… beautiful, wonderful, fantastical, jimmy choo glitter loafers. you may be looking at this post like, why would any girl in their right mind wear those? well if you are asking this, you must not dig on other trends like boyfriend jeans and oversized blazers. which is totally fine in my book, whatever floats your boat. what floats mine personally are these little pieces of perfection that just update any outfit and make you look instantly chic. i love them with an all black outfit as much as i love them with a funky silk top, a cardigan and some printed, flowy shorts (here) they are a huge investment at 500$ but they are investment i am willing to make… eventually. here are some other similar options… the real deal (here) and a little cheaper (here).




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