bonnaroo is spelled with two o’s, not three. just so ya know. if you don’t know what bonnaroo is then your probably living under a rock, or in australia. {whichever} and me being well… me, i am the most excited to pick out my outfits for the week. therefore, in light of my first three day music festival, i have decided to make a few purchases. and not just any purchases. custom ordered, dyed, studded shorts. three pairs to be exact. {three pairs for three days} and to be even more exact, two high waisted pairs and one low waisted.

the first ones that i have received are from bodycandiboutique and they are GORGEOUS. the turquoise dip dye is spot on, the gold studs are so me,  plus the price is just right! {39.99 to be exact!}

the second two pairs are both from little lindy at festivaldenim. these are going to be some special shorts, my friends. the first, are a lovely mint green {which she actually made the custom dye color just for me!!} with silver star studs. the second pair are a pink & crimson ombre with gold studs. even though im sure these shorts are going to be over the top amazing, lindy’s customer service is even more so. i would defiantly recommend her if your looking for a cool pair of shorts to check out her shop! {and if you don’t see exactly what you want, describe it to her or send her a picture! thats what i did for the green pair!} i don’t think i will ever buy another pair of high-waisted shorts from anyone else! look at the pictures below & tell me {by comment, tweet, email, or carrier pigeon} what sort of tops should i wear with these?!




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