it’s a brad brad world


my best friend in the entire world once said, “i believe that i am a little gay man trapped in a woman’s body.” this may sound a little bit odd, but if you met her, you would totally understand. not only is she always fabulously dressed {from her wild j.crew neon persimmon pants to her classic burberry trench} but she is so adorable in the way the she reminds you of brad goreski. wait, hold on… i believe you just said, who is brad goreski? im not sure if we can be friends anymore. it just might not work out. well, if you must know, he is a whimsical independent stylist turned kate spade’s exclusive brand stylist. he is also the star of his own television show {it’s a brad, brad world} and an author {born to be brad}. he is also my favorite stylist in the entire world. brad is extravagantly preppy and wonderfully colorful. on any given day, when your feeling a little bold, look up a few pictures of his work for inspiration. i promise, you won’t be disappointed.




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