the essentials, and only the essentials


as y’all know, if you watch my youtube channel, i am currently in pennsylvania at my parents house waiting to move into my own place down in charleston. it’s funny when your moving all the things you discover. like “there’s that bottle of smirnoff i was looking for!” that’s never happened to you? oh, well then this is awkward.

sometimes, in place of the joy of finding things you’ve thought you lost, you find yourself realizing that you in fact have lost things you thought you still had. this is sadly what has happened to me. when i was packing up my dorm room, i was dumbfounded to find that my chambray shirt and my favorite gold wishbone necklace are in fact GONE. i searched everywhere. my room, my friends rooms, my boyfriends room, the laundry room, im telling you, i looked everywhere! but both were nowhere to be found.

i had to have them again. this brought up the age old dilemma of, “well, i have to have it… but can i afford it?” the answer is always NO. but, this is why my birthday is helpful. you see, every year my dad is dumbfounded about what to buy my for my birthday. therefore, usually, he just gives me a credit card number and will say “enough!” when it has been quite enough. so two days ago, i ordered my j.crew chambray shirt and my dogeared wish bone necklace.

i would absolutely call these to items my essentials. you know, your favorite pair of jeans, a good blazer, a “going-out” top that makes you look fierce, nude heels, a white tee that fits just right, etc.. well, i cannot live without my chambray shirt {because it goes with everything thats not jeans} and my wishbone necklace {because it goes with everything. period.}. now that you know my essentials, what are yours?




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