dont mess with my vinyasa flow


ive never really believed in yoga as an exercise. yeah, stretching is good for you, but how would doing downward dog and sun salutations for an hour a day help me get in shape? i never knew either. until one day i was talking to my waiter at fleet’s landing {some of the yummiest food & the prettiest view in charleston}, and he told me that he & his girlfriend both do yoga religiously because hot yoga burns around 600 calories per hour! {hot yoga refers to yoga classes where the room is heated to between 95 -100 degrees!} then a marvelous thought hit me, i wouldnt have to run anymore! and with this new knowledge, i signed up for a three month unlimited pass at a yoga studio in charleston. im super excited to do a class {or two!} per day once i get down there on thursday! tell me, do y’all do yoga?

have a good holiday weekend,



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