it’s memorial day… not national barbecue day

in case you have forgotten, today is a day to remember and honor those who have fought for our freedom here in the old u. s. of a. and it’s not “hang-out-with-my-neighbors-and-put-some-shrimp-on-the-barbie-day”. i get a little perturbed about this every year because my father is a retired lieutenant colonel marine and my boyfriend of three years wants to join the navy seals. so while im not all down on some good burgers, just remember at some point today to stop and think about all that has been done for you so that you had the choice to eat that burger. if all of the veterans out there never fought for your freedom, we might be celebrating national kim jong il day and that wouldn’t be as fun as barbecues are, now would it?

alright, enough of the ranting. since 99.9% of america will be attending barbecues today {like myself}, i wanted to talk about cute picnic outfits! light fabrics are a must have, so linen is always a good choice whether its a top or wide-leg pants. my personal favorite outfit for outside days is my chambray shirt from jcrew and a pretty pattered pair of shorts {i like to wear these!} you could also opt for a dress; florals, striped, gingham, solid, etc. almost all dresses are acceptable. {just don’t show up in a gown, that could be well… eh, awkward}




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