so yesterday, at exactly 4:23, my mother & boyfriend started their eleven hour trek down to charleston, sc. {mine started at like eight, when they picked me up from my dads in maryland} needless to say, we got a little bored. we watched movies, slept, ate {alot!} and just kind of hung out for a few hours. it was nice bonding time between the three of us. once we got to charleston, we unloaded the car & i took it from there for the night. i organized & put away all that i could. this morning, we went & bought a mattress and got all of my other things out of storage. so, from then until about ten minutes ago, ive been unpacking. and i am happy to say, IM DONE. well, for now. i have a lot of other stuff to buy. now that i have gone through the ringer of all moves, i have a few tips for moving!!

{the rules of engagement for moving}

1. always have a plan. we didn’t and it ended in a lot of time spent looking for things, being locked out of places, and ending up at the wrong place at the wrong time. make sure you have everything that you can have done before you move, done.

2. organize your boxes by which room your placing them in. it will save you time running up & down the stairs. 

3. wear something comfy. believe me, you’ll regret it if you dont. {for example, i had a loose t-shirt, jean shorts, rainbows on my feet, no make-up on, and my hair in a messy top knot} you dont have to look like a perfect 10 when your moving, a 9.5 will do just fine 🙂

4. always call someone {preferably someone strong} to help. my boyfriend and his best friend, spencer, made the move so much easier on my mom & i!

5. make it fun! i blasted music while organizing all my things & that made it not feel like work!

if you watch my youtube channel at all, you know what this moving process means, im going to start making videos again! i just have to find a desk first. and a chair. yay!




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