a quick review… bb cream

it’s summer time again in charleston and im feeling less “hot-child-in-the-city” and more “hot-flashes-in-the-city.” its so hot i could barely get myself off the couch {and away from watching reruns of “the hills” with my roomies} in order to go job hunting. i know, who doesnt love job hunting. {said no one, ever}

summer obviously calls for jean cut-offs, flowy tops and pretty sandals. but, there is another essential that we dont always think about; flawless skin. and if your like me, once you step out of the house, your foundation runs off of your face like a hog sweating in a pig pen on the fourth of july… too soon to be trying weird southern sayings that dont make any sense? yeah, definitely too soon. anyways, i have found the perfect solution for perfect summer skin! its called bb cream. {the bb stands for blemish balm} its lightweight, yet provides just enough coverage for the occasional sunburn. it has spf to protect your skin without smelling like you just bathed in sunblock! it has vitamins and minerals in it so the more you use it, the better your skin looks! {& how fabulous is that!}

it comes in all different brands, colors, and price ranges. i have provided my favorite for each category! {these are ordered from low to high on the price scale, but i will also let you know which is my favorite!}

#1 Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfecter  this is my top budget bb cream. at around twelve dollars a bottle, its a steal! for my combination skin, it was a little greasy, so if you have dry skin this may just be perfect for you. other then that, great coverage at a great price!

#2 Boscia BB Cream SPF 27 Pa++ {my personal favorite} moderately priced {38$}, the most natural looking yet highly concealing coverage out of all of them, the spf works all day, and it never dries out my skin or get greasy. what can i say, im in love.

#3 Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 i  love  the texture of this bb cream, its silky but not greasy. you dont need a ton of product, which is nice because it is more pricy. its not as opaque as i would like it to be, so this would be more for people without many issues with their skin. for me, i have pimples occasionally that i need to cover up & this just doesnt conceal that well. but, it makes my skin feel and look great otherwise! {48$)




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