im on VH1!

while i was at bonnaroo, being as high-maitenance as i am, i of course went to the free salon to get my hair did. while i was waiting, a beautiful woman approached me and asked if i wanted to be on vh1! whose going to say no to that? not me. so i got to jump to the front of the line, do a before and after interview with my hair washing experience & it was super fun! i signed away my soul to vh1 and i never really thought anything would come of it. well just ten minutes ago my friend paige wrote on my facebook wall saying that she saw me on tv! how awesome is that? so if your an avid VH1 watcher, look for me in the garnier fructis bonnaroo salon!

if you do see me, i got the chance to talk about my style a little bit. so, i am totally taking the chance now to talk to you guys about my festival style, as seen on vh1. the first day of bonnaroo had a very chill line up, so i wanted something easy to walk around in. i chose a hi-lo skirt from free people {old; similar here} and a cute white tank {here} for a very relaxed hippie-chic look.

for the second day, my favorite day because the red hot chili peppers were on the roster, i wore another top from that same website {here} and cute, mint green custom made, studded, high-wasited shorts {here}!

to sum it all up, music festivals are about… well… music! you want to but cute, yet comfortable enough that your outfit wont destroy the whole music aspect for your experience!




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