keeping the boy coming back since 2011

have you ever head of a recipe that is so good that men fall to their knees and propose instantly? if not, here it is. and i know this sounds like a crazy concept, but it HAS HAPPENED. and better yet TO ME. it all started at last years super bowl… im totally the unsung house mom of my boyfriends fraternity, so when miles {the boyfriend} decided to have a super bowl party, i decided i needed an amazing recipe. if you know me personally, you know that i love buffalo chicken. so, it would only make sense for me to make buffalo chicken dip for super bowl sunday.

while the game was beginning, so was my experiment in the kitchen. a hurricane of dairy products and hot sauce made its way through the house. but, when i was finished, i brought my fancy le crueset pan out to the living room with the most amazingly-delicious-magical-wonderful-beautiful appetizer in the entire world. in that moment, i knew it had all been worth it. the dip was a hit. i served the dip with little homemade crostini and celery for the girls. {yes, many of the girls just ate celery as i gobbled down buffalo chicken dip on tortilla chips, thats just how i roll} when miles’s friend marshall tried it, he turned to miles & said, “if you don’t propose to her right now, i will.” and propose marshall did.

there you have it. if your looking for a boyfriend/husband/boy-toy, just make a big ol’ plate of this & carry it around town. trust me, something out of the ordinary {hopefully good} will happen. if something bad does happen, you’ve got a big plate of comfort food right in front of you.

caution: do not eat the dip all by yourself. it is highly addicting, and highly fattening. i gain ten pounds every time i look at it. you have been warned.

too much of a good thing is… well, always a good thing.

{buffalo chicken dip}

enough for 8 very skinny hungry people

three large chicken breasts, or four regular sized

one package of philadelphia cream cheese

one regular sized bottle of ranch dressing

one regular sized bottle of frank’s red hot buffalo sauce {it HAS to be franks… im serious}

as many bleu cheese crumbles as you would like

1. preheat oven to 350

2.boil chicken until cooked all the way through {very important}

3. let chicken cool to room temp. while letting chicken cool, melt cream cheese over low heat in a large pan. once cream cheese is melted, add ranch dressing.

4. once chicken is cool enough to handle, hand-shred it into the cream cheese mixture.

5. after all shredded chicken has been added, add bottle of franks red hot.

6. take the pan off of the heat, sprinkle bleu cheese crumbles on top.

7. put in the oven for approximately twenty minutes.

8. start picking out which man in the world you would like to marry {ryan gosling, chis hemsworth… whoever}. offer dip to him. mission complete.




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