candid camera

i was born in the wrong era

i feel like every day theres some new fangled technology/app that someones trying to get me into. {yes, i am an eighty year old man on the inside} pinterest, instagram, twitter, foursquare {etc.} one that i have embraced just recently is instagram. if you dont know what instagram is, its like twitter with only photos. you can like and comment on your friends pictures and also tag them in yours! its fun for parties or just when your out having! its just one more way to let all of your friends your eating a sandwich that they dont care about. if your really into the social networking thing & want to try something new, try instagram! & follow me! {taylerlynward} i dont have any pictures up yet as i just started using it today, but i promise that soon i will!




One thought on “candid camera

  1. Hi, great blog! I just stumbled upon it and will be sure to check back in:) I was looking for a photo of a girl using a classic camera. Do you mind if I use this picture in a post I’m writing? No problem if not. Thanks!

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