it’s back

so, for a while now ive been kind of disappointed in zara. it used to be my go-to for, well, everything. and as of late, they haven’t had that cute of stuff. until yesterday. i was sitting on my couch with becky {my best friend/roommate/the person who keeps my life in check} and we were looking for work clothes for me! {yes, out of some stroke of luck, a restaurant in Charleston decided to hire me!} we have to wear all black, so i wanted a few basic equipment blouses to be my work standard. equipment blouses are expensive outrageous, yet essential to any wardrobe. since i am not working yet, i have no money. therefore i needed something a little less expensive and becky suggested zara! i went to their website hesitantly, since i was slightly disappointed last time, and i was pleasantly surprised! so many cute tops, jackets, shoes and bottoms i didn’t know what to do with myself! needless to say, i filled my cart with all of these gems {below!} and still saved money over buying a few equipment tops!

the perfect leather jacket {$249}

equipment blouse “copy cat” {$59.90}

studded collar blouse {59.90}

nude long pleated skirt {89.90} 

dress with a frill {49.90} 




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