oh my, blake lively!

you know that age old question, if you could be anyone, who would you be? for the past few years, my answer has always been blake lively. why? because she has the best body, clothes, make-up, boyfriend, face, life… you get the picture. she is perfection in a person. her new movie savages just came out in theaters and i think it’s worth getting out of your house to go see. of course, i may be a little bit biased because i love blake, but who cares. {i know i dont}

she has other ventures other then just this movie; blake is also {reportedly} the face of gucci’s new fragrance, gucci premier. {her favorite perfume is actually burberry beat… in case thats not creepy enough for you, i also went out & bought the perfume right after i heard it was her favorite}

i have, of course, saved the best for last. as most of you probably know, blake lively plays serena on gossip girl. {a show on the cw… watch it.} it is my favorite show of all time and if you’ve never watched it, do yourself a favor & get a netflix account and watch it all the way through. i can guarantee, you’ll be hooked. the point of me telling you this, is that i plan on naming my first daughter Serena, after her. way beyond creepy, right? oh well, everyone has their celebrity crush. whose yours?




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