its all about the nude

as i online shop all day {i say that like its not a normal, everyday thing}, i am starting to realize that everything that i want right now is nude! i absolutely love all shades of beige. pinky beige, brown beige, beige beige… 50 shades of beige. im starting to think that i like beige so much because i enjoy looking naked all of the time, but thats just a guess. just kidding, im a never-nude. {a person who wears clothes even in the shower} just kidding. not really. now that this has been a thoroughly confusing, contradicting and frankly, a little weird of a post, heres a few things that i want to save up for, but my crippling shopping addiction will probably never allow me to have.


chanel beige caviar jumbo maxi flab bag {$3485}

christian louboutin bianca double platform pump {$845}

louis vuitton monogram vernis wallet {$905}




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