hello fellow beauty nerds

i just wanted to quickly update you guys on the whole youtube channel mess thats been happening for the last few months. i was supposed to start my new channel in may, but then i figured out that the camera at home that i was supposed to use didnt have a microphone in it, so it could not record sound. then i just started making them & editing for about a month just to get a few stored up before i launched my channel, and then my computer crashed. then i saved up enough money & bought a new computer. the last thing that i had to buy was a camera. well, ladies & gentlemen, today i purchased my canon rebel t3i from amazon & i am proud to say it should be here within a week! so, start looking out for my new youtube channel here pretty soon! of course ill do a post here on my blog the minute it launches, but just in case you wanted to subscribe now {which you totally should!} here ya’ll go!




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