are you ready youtube?

i hope you ready for a FLOOD of youtube videos. if you don’t know already, i used to have a youtube channel called swellbabybeauty and i just kind of got super lazy with it but i pinky swear that this time will be different. i really do love doing youtube videos and now that i have my own house {well, kind of. i have four roommates but… i have my own room} and a brand new camera, i am a lot more motivated to make youtube videos on a more consistent basis. if/when you watch this video, you will realize that i say that i am posting a video tomorrow which is true. but, i do not say what the video will be. WELL since y’all are my faithful blog readers, ill let you in on it. i plan on recording a back-to-school edition {what’s in my bag} tag for my first real video! make sure y’all subscribe & check back often!

also, this doesn’t mean that i have given up on blogging either. ill just have to invest time in both aspects of my cyber life. it’s like choosing between kids. you know you have a favorite, even though your not supposed to, but you’ll never admit it.




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